Stanfield Hall

  • Stanfield, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 1434 0101
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Post Medieval moat.


1100’s                         Held by Earl Warren.

1200’s                         Held by the Bigod family.

1558                            Before: Owned by John Appleyard.

1558-1603                   During: Owned by Edward Flowerdew.

1792                            House built by William Wilkins.

1800                            Just before: Inherited by Rev. George Preston who rebuilt it.

1815                            Alterations by William Saul.

1830                            Alterations by George Preston.

1837                            Rev. George Preston died and his son, Isaac inherited.

1837-1901                   Early Victorian: Held by Isaac Preston Esq..

1838                            Refurbished. John Lerner who had made a claim as being the rightful heir to the property, seized the Hall. The militia were called and he was arrested and taken to Norwich castle where he received three months hard labour.

1840                            Isaac and his family moved into the Hall.

1848                            28th November: Isaac Jermy esq. and his son, Isaac Jermy Jermy, were shot in a double murder. Isaac Jermy’s wife, Sophie, was injured. A member of the Preston family, related to the Jermy’s, took possession of the Hall.

1969                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Listed building.

1999                            Listing revised.

20th C                          Sold off before World War II.

2005                            Architectural Survey.


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