Spong Hill

  • North Elnham, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 9819 1942


Two cemeteries. Large amount of grave goods plus 2322 cremations, and 40 inhumations.

Iron Age and Romano-British settlement under the cemetery. Had post holes and ditches.

Pottery kilns.


7000-2000 BC            Occupied.

1st C                             Late: Ditched.

18th C                          Site discovered.

1954-1955                   Excavated.

1968                            Excavated.

1970’s                         Excavated.

1972-1981                   Excavated.

1977                            Field Investigation.

1979                            Geophysical Survey .

1984                            Geophysical Survey.

1984                            Excavated.

20th C                          Excavated.



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