Old Hall

Old Hall, Caister St. Edmunds.


  • Stoke Road, Caister St. Edmunds, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 2329 0380


Medieval moat. Included stabling and a dovecote. Three storey central porch.

Next to a Roman Camp.


1606                             Manor lands purchased by John Pettus.

1612                            Early: House built for John Pettus. Two storey house with a three storey porch  built on the site of an earlier Medieval manor. The Pettus Arms were over the doorway

1647                           Grand staircase added.

1800                            c: Repaired.

19th C                          Owned by John Spurrel.

1920                            Additions.

1954                            Field Investigation.

1970                            Field Investigation.

1993                            Aerial Photograph.

1994                            Watching Brief.


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