Norwich City Wall

Norwich City Wall, Carrow Hill. The most complete portion the city wall surviving (in height if not in length) it runs along the north side of Carrow Hill.
By Graham Hardy, CC BY-SA 2.0,


  • Norwich, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 2345 0891
  • Monument Number 13247 – St Benedicts Gate.


Medieval Town defences, wall which included interval towers, angle towers, artillery towers and town gates. The twelve agtes included King Street Gate, Berstreet, Brazed Gate, St. Stephens Gate, St. Giles, St. Benedicts, Heigham Gate (postern), St. Martins, St. Augustine’s, Magdelan, Pockthorpe Gate and Bishops Gate, all were fortified and had catapults. Had more than 40 guns on the wall.


9th C                            Site worked and lived on at the site of St. Benedicts Gate.

11th-12th C                   Iron smelting at the site of St. Benedicts Gate.

1297-1350                   Built between.

1948                            Barn Road excavated.

1951-1953                   Barn Road, St. Benedicts Street excavated.

1954-1955                   Barn Road excavated.

1972                            Bull Close Road excavated.

1972                            Chapelfield Road excavated.

1975                            St. Georges Street excavated.

1975                            Botolph Street excavated.

1976                            King Street excavated.

1987                            River Lane excavated.

1989                            Whitefriers Watching Brief.

1989-1990                   Calvert Street, St. Georges Street, excavated.

1993                            City wall architectural survey.

2000                            Former Nestle factory, Chapelfield, evaluated.

2001                            Magdalen Street excavated.

2002                            Chapelfield evaluated by C. Birks, Norfolk Archaeological Unit.

2003                            Magdalen Street Watching Brief.

2003                            North of West Boom Tower, Riverside, assessed.

2004                            Norwich bus station, Bull Lane, Queens Road, evaluated. Unit.


Norwich City wall The old city wall to protect the once very Important city from attack
By Ashley Dace, CC BY-SA 2.0,



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