Mountjoy Priory

  • Abbey Lane, Haveringland, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 1581 1898


*                                  Medieval moated Benedictine cell, Augustinian Monastery.

1189-1199                   During: Chapel of St. Lawrence founded by William de Geyney, for 2-3 monks.

1200                            Vincent was Prior.

1225                            Thomas was Prior.

1294                            Roger de Gurney, Lord of Haveringland granted lands and rents to the Priory.

1304                            John Weting was Prior.

1305                            Thomas Cartevile was Prior.

1306                            Roger de Gurney, Lord of Haveringland, stated the Prior and Cannons ‘should impede them in his court by reason of any plea of trespass’.

1308                            Peter de Clay was Prior.

1311                            Clerk John Felthorp granted a mark of silver, wheat and barley, in order to spend 13 weeks a year at the Priory.

1323                            John was Prior.

1324                            Before: Peter, the Prior, received endowement from lands and services in Felthorpe from Thomas de Quitwell.

1343                            Chaplains John Fode and John de Hadescho, had Royal licence on payment of 100’s to assign the priory two massuages and rent in Haveringland and Felthorpe.

1349                            Simon de Flegg was Prior.

1352                            ?: Symon was Prior.

1357                            John Elvedon was Prior.

1364                            Pope Urban V granted indulgence of a year and 40 days of enjoyed penance to the penitents who visited Mountjoy on Christmas Day, circumcision, Epiphany, Easter Day, Ascension, Pentecost, Nativity, Purification, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and the Festivals of St John the Baptist, Saints Peter and Paul and St Lawrence.

1369                            John de Elvedon was Prior.

1379                            Before: John de Coton was Prior.

1379                            Philip de Titeshale was Prior.

1401                            Edmund Amys was Prior.

1429                            Edmund de Walsingham was Prior.

1448                            Before: John Sudbury was Prior.

1448                            Robert Snape was Prior.

1465                            Thomas Everard was Prior.

1470                            John Clement was Prior.

1479                            ?: Christopher Brown was Prior.

1490                            Noted that the parish church of St. Andrew was ruined and was no longer fit to have a priest.

1491                            Before: William Lovell was Prior.

1491                            William Kyrtelying was Prior.

1502                            Thomas Grimston was Prior.

1515                            Thomas Clerk was Prior.

1517                            Prior Clerke granted his foldcourse and pasture in Mountjoy and Felthorpe to Henry Fermer.

1529                            Dissolved.

1969                            Field Investigation.

2009                           Outline of earthworks and a possible moat recorded on aerial photographs.


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