Mannington Hall

  • Mannington, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 1438 3200


Medieval moat. Building measuring 80ft by 30ft and the entrance over the moat to the west side.

Held by the Scalmer family, the Orford family, the Terrell family, the Lumnor family and has Tyrell family associations.

Haunted by a man dressed in a habit.


1460                            House of three storeys built.

1585                            The Lomner family sold it to the Potts family.

16th C                          Alterations and additions.

1736                            Bought by Lord Walpole, and he let the Hall out to tenants.

17th C                          Alterations and additions.

1864                            A two storeyed block added to the east face. Horation Walpole made it his family home.

1900                            c: Partly rebuilt.

1969                            Field Investigation. Internal work undertaken.


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