Hunstanton Hall: Old Moated Hall

  • Hunstanton Park, Hunstanton, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 6916 4184
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Medieval moat, gatehouse, manor.

Legend states it is haunted by the ghost of Dame Alice le Strange.


1137-1954                   Owned by the le Strange family.

1377                            Hamon le Strange and his wife, Margaret, had twins, Hamond and Edmund. Edmund died young.

14th C                          c: Original house built.

1485                            Henry Le Strange died and Roger inherited.

1506                            Roger died and his brother Robert inherited.

1509-1547                   During: Gatehouse built for Sir Roger le Strange.

1514                            Sir Thomas le Strange and wife, Anne, had the following issue, Sir Nichols le Strange, Richard, William, Roger, Thomas, William, Edmund, Elizabeth, Alice, Ann, Catherine and May.

1544                            Thomas le Strange died and Nicholas inherited.

1545                            Sir Nicholas le Strange and his wife, Eleanor, had Sir Hamon, Robert, Elizabeth, John and Mary.

1578                            Hall range built by Sir Nicholas le Strange.

1579                            Sir Nicholas and his heir Hamon died and Nicholas le Strange inherited.

1592                            Nicholas died and Hamon inherited.

1616                            December: Sir Roger le Strange was born at the Hall.

1618                            Porch added.

1620                            Partially reconstructed.

1629                            Sir Nicholas le Strange, 1st Baronet, and wife, Anne, had Hamon, 2nd Baronet, Sir Nicholas 3rd Baronet, John, William, Edward, Anne, Charles and Thomas.

1654                            Hamon died and Nicholas inherited.

1656                            Nicholas died and Nicholas inherited.

1669                            Nicholas died and Nicholas inherited

1704                            Sir Roger le Strange died.

1724                            Nicholas died and Henry inherited.

1760                            Sir Henry le Strange died and his nephew, Henry Styleman became Lord of the Manor.

1803                            Rev Armine Styleman died and Henry Styleman inherited.

1819                            Henry Styleman died and Henry Styleman L’Estrange inherited.

1850’s                         Destroyed by fire.

1853                            Hall and 18 rooms destroyed when damaged by fire.

1862                            Henry Styleman-L’Estrange died and Hamon Styleman=L’Estrange inherited.

1873                            Block added to the north west corner.

1883                            Owned by Hamon le Strange DL JP.

1919                            Capt. Roland le Strange died in World War I.

1935                            Range added to the north of the house.

1947-1950                   Between: The north and north east wings were gutted by fire.

1949                            Sold and divided into separate dwellings.

1968                            Field Investigation.



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