Horsford Castle

Horsford Castle, near to Horsford, Norfolk, Great Britain. A view of the 11th century motte and bailey castle. Consisting of a deep ditch, large bailey and low motte. Founded by Robert Malet or possibly his tenant Walter of Caen. After the main use of defence became less important the castle probably became a hunting lodge. Abandoned after 1431, the bailey was ploughed in the 1980s. Still well worth a look and access is good.
By Ashley Dace, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11418421



  • Castle Hill, Church Street, Horsford, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 2054 1566
  • Scheduled Monument


Medieval motte and bailey castle with the outer bailey measuring 330ft across and the motte measuring 150ft across.

A deer park once surrounded the castle.

Built by Walter de Caen.

Aerial photographs show a possible circular gatehouse.


1070                       Earthwork castle constructed.

1115-1129              Walter’s son, Robert de Caen, was Sheriff of Norfolk.

1136-1146              John Fitz Robert, eldest son of Robert and Sybil de Caen, was sheriff of Norfolk.

1147-1151              Robert de Caen was Sheriff of Norfolk.

1155-1153              Robert de Caen was Sheriff of Norfolk.

1157-1163              Robert de Caen was Sheriff of Norfolk.

15th C                     Middle: Abandoned.

1838                       Shown on map as ‘castle’.

1969                       Field Investigation.

1981                       Field Investigation.

1987                       Ploughed.

20th C                     Traces remain of barbican and stone buildings.

21st C                      Ditch measuring 6ft deep and the bank standing 10ft high.




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