Hickling Priory

Hickling Priory.


  • Sea Palling Road, Hickling, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 4184 2489
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade Ii Listed Building.


Medieval moated Augustinian Priory which included a chapter house, church, cloister, kitchen, priory, refectory, barn and fishpond.


1185                      Founded by Theobald de Valoins, son of Richard de Valoins, and dedicated to St. Mary, St. Austin and All Saints.

1185-1209             Alexander was prior.

1204                      King John granted the Priory a weekly market. Ralph was prior.

1209                      Roger was prior. Pope Innocent III granted protection to the Priory.

1220                      Roger was prior.

1232-1248             Nicholas was prior.

1248-1270             Alan was prior.

1270-1276             Hubert was prior.

1276-1288             Geoffrey was prior.

1287                      Flooding rose above the alter and the Cannons fled.

1288-1293             Ranulf was prior.

1291                      The Priory had possessions in 32 Norfolk parishes.

1293-1319             John was prior.

1308                      John was prior.

1309                      Twenty four acres of land was given to the Priory by Nicholas de Bosio.

1319                      Richard de Hemesby was prior.

1327                      A three day fair was granted by Henry II.

1339                      Katherine of Norwich gave the Priory the income from the church of Raveningham

1349                      Prior Richard died of the Plague. John Grys was prior.

1352                      The Priory bought tenements in Horning and Palling.

1358                      Richard de Hemesby was prior.

1364                      Pope Urban V granted to Prior Richard a faculty to dispense four Cannons

1366                      William de Wroxham was prior.

1370                      Organs were given to the Priory by Adam de Seakilthorp, Rector of Cawston.

1380                      The Priory paid a fine of £24 for leaving a lamp burning daily near the High Alter.

1381                      A third of the Netherall Manor was given to the Priory by John de Eccles and Geoffrey de Somerset.

1390                      Prior William Wroxham died. John de Tudyngston was prior.

1393                      Thomas Haneworth was prior.

1397                      The Priory paid 20 marks to Richard III for a licence to serve the Manor of Boylondeshall in North Walsham when the Vicar died.

1400                      The bell tower fell down.

1401                      John Jenny was prior.

1408                      John de Hykeling was prior.

1424                      Richard Norwich was prior.

1431                      Roger Okkam was prior.

1439                      Illness killed three of the brethren.

1492                      Visited by Archdeacon Gold.

1514                      Visited by Bishop Nicke.

1520                      Visited by the Bishop Suffragan of Chalcedon and other Commissionaires.

1532                      Visited by Bishop Nicke.

1535                      Valued at £100 18s 7¼d.

1536                      Dissolved.

1542                      Granted to Sir William Wodehouse.

1825                      The last window in the Priory was taken out.

1826                      Two stone coffins uncovered at the site.

1922                       Surveyed.

1950                       Artefacts discovered at the site include iron keys, lead weight, stained glass, flooring tiles and tracery.

1955                       Listed as a Grade Ii building.

1973                      Field Investigation.

1978                      Aerial photograph.

1986                      Aerial Photograph.

1988                      Field Investigation.

1996                      Aerial photograph.

1998                      Surveyed.

1998-1999            Field Investigation.

2001                      Surveyed.

2003                      Scheduled.

2006                      Site mapped.



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