Gawdy Hall: Gaudy Hall: Holbrook Manor

The front of Gawdy Hall, Redenhall, Norfolk, the family hall of the three Gawdy brothers.
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  • Church Lane, Redenhall, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TM 2493 8546


Post Medieval moat. Built on the site of Holbrook Manor.

Large L-shaped, brick built Hall had a flagstone floor, which was later replaced in oak. Has two chimneys and stables.

Owned by Mr. Gervas Holmes who reduced the size of the Hall and altered the moat which had existed on three sides.

Rev. John Holmes lived at the Hall.


1509                           Thomas Gawdy was born at the Hall.

1535                           Catherine Gawdy was born at the Hall.

1550                            c: Built.

16th C                          End of: Built by Thomas Gawdy.

1678                            c: Bought by the Wagon family.

1883                            John Sancroft Holmes Esq. owned the Hall.

1939-1945                   World War II: The RAF shot down a German aircraft at the Hall.

1939                             Hall demolished.

1973                             Field Investigation.


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