Gallows Hill, Fison Way Industrial Estate

  • Thetford, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TL 86 84


Enclosure which had two separate phases of occupation. Defended by an outer ditch measuring 12ft wide and 5ft deep, which had a middle inner ditch which measured 22ft wide and 7ft deep and had been back filled. Within the middle ditch an inner enclosure was surrounded by a ditch measuring 8ft wide and 4ft deep which had also been back filled. There was a space of 100ft between the middle and outer ditch. The inner enclosure measured 1 acre and had an eastern gateway.

A rectangular area between outer and middle ditches was filled timber slots 6inches square and set 11.8 inches apart and in rows of approximately 10ft apart, for timber stakes, of which there were approximately 1000 stakes.

The inner enclosure had 3 circular buildings in a row, round houses of 40ft in diameter and each with an east facing doorway. The post holes survive.

Finds include Mould for Iron Age coins and three silver Icenian coins.


1st C BC                      Iron Age occupation in the northern part of the site.

47-60                           Rectangular site which was strongly defended by an outer ditch measuring 12ft wide and 5ft deep.

60-61                           Outer ditch was back filled.

1981                            Found through aerial photography.

1981-1982                   Excavated.



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