Elsing Hall

  • Hall Road, Elsing, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 0399 1600
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Medieval moated fortified manor house. The north west tower measured 25ft square. And the curtain wall measured 5ft thick.

Remains of a bastion. Had a priests hole.

Lived in by F. Browne Esq..


13th C                          Dating from: Some possible remains of the west curtain found.

1330                            Owned by the Foliot family, and their daughter, Margery married Sir Hugh Hastings.

1434                            John Hastings married Anne Morley, daughter of Lord Morley.

1460-1470                   c: Built by Sir Hugh Hastings.

15th C                          Gatehouse, tower and curtain wall.

1540                            Passed by marriage to the Browne family.

18th C                          Mid: Restored and extended by Thomas Jekyll. Spiral staircase.

1852                            Restored and extended. Curtain wall identified. Bay window added.

1950’s                         Restored by Major George Astley, the last member of the Hastings family to live at the Hall.

1973                            Excavated.

1977                            Excavated.

1980’s                         Excavated.

1982                            Sold by the Hastings family.

20th C                          Mid: Still held by the Browne family. A spiral staircase was discovered behind some paneling and dating from the eighteenth century.

2005                            For sale for £1.85 million

2007                            Watching Brief by J. Allan.


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