Devils Ditch


Devil’s Ditch


  • Garboldisham, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TL 989 825


Iron Age, Saxon linear earthwork measuring 2 miles long. Bank measuring c.1m high  and the ditch measuring c.2.5m wide and 1.9m deep.

Finds from the excavations include pottery (possibly Bronze Age), burnt bone, and struck flint.


590 BC                        OSL dating from ditch.

790                              OSL dating from ditch.

820                              OSL dating from ditch.

1935                            Field Investigation.

1950’s                          Section of the bank bulldozed.

1977                            Field Investigation.

1979                            Field Investigation.

2005                            Field Investigation.

2006                            Scheduled.

2007                             Watching Brief. Excavated.



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