Castle Hill

Castle Hill, Hunworth


  • Hunworth, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TG 0725 3523
  • Scheduled Monument


Circular enclosure, motte and bailey site.

Medieval ringwork measuring 311.6ft in diameter and surrounded by an inner bank, ditch and counterscarp. The inner bank measuring up to 1.5m high and 15m wide at its base and the counterscarp measuring in places 0.5m high. The ditch measuring 0.57m – 1.4m deep. The site measures 95m in diameter.


1965                            Excavated.

1970                            Field Investigation.

1980                            Field Investigation.

1998                            Scheduled area reduced.

1999                            Field Survey.

2000                            Field Investigation. Part of the site cleared of vegetation.

2002                            Site further cleared.




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