Castle Acre Priory

The West Front and Prior’s Lodging.


  • Castle Acre, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 81446 14827
  • Scheduled Monument


Clunic Benedictine Priory of St. Mary and St. Peter and Paul. Medieval ditched enclosure and boundary wall. The cloister measuring 100ft square.


1089                            Founded by William, 2nd Earl of Surrey at the site of the fortified manor of Castle Acre.

1090                            Moved to the present site from the fortified manor.

1130                            c: Angevine was Prior.

1148                            The church and cloister were consecrated by William Turbus, Bishop of Norwich.

1160                            c: Jordan was Prior.

1170                            c: Richard was Prior.

1180                            c: Odo was Prior.

1190                            c: Hugh was Prior.

12th C                          Prior’s lodgings.

12th-14th C                   Infirmary.

1200                            c: Maynus was Prior.

1203                            Lambert de Kempston was Prior.

1203                            c: Jordon was Prior.

1203                            Philip de Mortimer was Prior.

1211                            Philip de Mortimer was Prior.

1219                            Robert de Bozun/ de Alenson was Prior.

1239                            Ralph de Wesenham was Prior.

*                                  William de Kent was Prior.

1250                            Adam was Prior.

1252                            John de Granges was Prior.

1255                            John de Granges was Prior.

1258                            Walter de Stanmere was Prior.

1267                            Walter de Stanmere was Prior.

1270                            Robert de Hake-beche was Prior.

1276                            Visited by the Prior of Wenlock.

1279                            Visited by the Priors of Mont Didier and Lenton.

1286                            Benedict was Prior.

1291                            Value of the site put at £215 14s 4½.

1296                            January: Edward I and Queen Eleanor stayed for several weeks.

1308                            Robert Porter was Prior.

*                                  John Hamelyn was Prior.

*                                  John de Acre was Prior.

1311                            Walter de Fraunceys was Prior.

1317-1329                   Peter de Jocelis was Prior.

1325                            Restored to the Prior.

1329-1337                   Guy Charyns was Prior.

1337                            Protection was granted for a year to the Prior, from the King of France.

1344                            William de Warren was Prior.

1349                            An arrest warrant was issued for William de Waren and Robert de Neketon, monks of the priory.

1349                            William Picot was prior.

1351                            Naturalization was granted by Edward III to the Priory.

1390                            Inhabited.

1404                            Prior Simon Sutton had his oath questioned.

1404                            John Okinston was Prior.

*                                  Simon Sutton was Prior.

*                                  Thomas Bayley was Prior.

*                                  Thomas Tunbridge was Prior.

1428                            John Sharshulle was Prior.

*                                  Thomas Gatys was Prior.

1445                            Nicholas Benet was Prior.

*                                  John Plumstead was Prior.

1484                            John Amflets was Prior.

15th-16th C                   Prior’s lodgings altered.

1510                            John Winchelsey was Prior.

*                                  Thomas Chambers was Prior.

1519                            Thomas Mailing was prior.

1535                            Annual value was given as £306 11s 4¾d

1536                            Dissolved.

1537                            22nd November: Thomas Mailing and ten monks signed the surrender of the Priory.

1539                            The Crown gave the Priory to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk.

1734                             Excavated,

1826                            Medieval seal found on site.

1889                            Excavated.

19th C                          Excavated.

1954                            Medieval seal of Edmund the Millar found.

1964                            Excavated.

1972                            Field Investigation.

1972-1976                   Excavated.

1981                            Excavated.

1985                            Excavated.

1993                            Aerial photograph.

1995                            Surveyed.

20th C                          Substantial ruins.

2007                             Scheduled.

2011                              Surveyed.

2012                             Excavated.


Castle Acre Priory.



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