Carbrooke Hospitallers Preceptory

  • Broadmoor Road, Carbrooke, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TQ 55917 70304
  • Scheduled Monument


Medieval Hospitallers Preceptory, banks and ditches.


1154-1189                   During: Maud, Countess of Clare, gave the Manor of Great and Little Carbrooke to the Knights Hospitallers. The main house was dedicated to St. John Baptist.

1173                            Preceptory started.

1256                            Elias was Master/Preceptor.

1285                            Robert de Heugham was Master/ Preceptor.

1307-1315                   Sir Alexander de Mitcham was Master/Preceptor.

1338                            Valued at £192 2s 4½d annually. Yearly expenses came to £71 12s 7½d

1338                            Sir Alan Macy was Preceptor.

1424                            John Halligate was Master/Preceptor.

1535                            Before: Amalgamated with Chippenham Preceptory, Cambridge.

1535                            c: Preceptor was Sir Thomas Copledyke.

1543                            House, manor and rectory granted to Sir Richard Gresham and Sir Richard Southwell.

1973                            Field Investigation.

1981                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Scheduled.

1995                             Surveyed.

1996                             Surveyed.

1997                            Excavated.

1998                            Excavated.

2011                            Watching Brief.



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