Burgh Dykes: Bloodgate Hill: South Creake Hill Fort

  • Bloodgate Hill, South Creake, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 8482 3525
  • Scheduled Monument


Sub-rectangular Iron Age hill fort defended by a bank and ditch. The Lateral bank had been destroyed and is only a soil mark. The site measures 656ft in diameter with the ditch measuring 72ft wide. The central ring ditch measuring 147.6ft in diameter.

Finds include Iron Age, Roman and Medieval pottery sherds.


280 BC                        Dating from: Animal bones radio carbon dated to.

1973                            Geophysical survey by A.J. Lawson, Oxford University.

1976                            Field Investigation.

1998                            Scheduled.

2001                            Surveyed.

2003                            Geophysical Survey.

2003                            Evaluated..



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