Brancaster: BRANODUNUM

  • Brancaster, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TF 782 440
  • Scheduled Monument


*                                  Almost square Roman fort, covering 6½ acres, with towers at the corners and four gates, a surrounding stone wall 10ft thick, and defended by a rampart and ditch.

*                                  The most northerly of the Saxon shore forts.

2nd C                            Late: Roman fort.

3rd C                            Second quarter: Saxon shore fort covering 3.1ha. Quarry ditch dug at the west gate of the fort.

240-250                       c: Built over an earlier occupied site.

3rd C                            Early: Garrisoned by Cohors I Aquitanorum equitatia.

3rd C                            Late: Garrisoned by Equites Dolmatne Branodunenses.

3rd C                            Late: Saxon shore fort.

4th C                            Settlement outside of the fort was abandoned.

17th C                          The walls stood 17ft high.

17th C                          After: The stone from the walls was robbed.

1846                            Excavated.

1935                            Excavated.

1960                            Excavated.

1973                            Geophysical Survey..

1973                            Field Investigation. Aerial Photograph.

1974                            Excavated.

1975                            Geophysical Survey.

1976                            Field Investigation.

1977                            Excavated.

1985                            Excavated.

1992                            Evaluated.

1994                            Evaluated.

1999                            Watching Brief.



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