Boyland Hall

  • Morning Thorpe, Norfolk
  • OSGB – TM 2220 9434


*                                  Medieval moat with a drawbridge.

*                                  Lived in by Rev. Thos. Howes.

*                                  Owned by Frederick Irby, 2nd Baron Boston.

*                                  Inherited by Frederick Irby, 2nd Baron Boston, son of Frederick William Irby

1571                            Elizabethan house built by architect Richard Boyland.

1652                            c: Lived in by Charles Garnish/Garney.

1804                            House was repaired by Hon. Admiral F.P. Irby.

1947                            Remains demolished after it was burnt down.

1973                            Field Investigation.

2000                            Planning permission to rebuild the Hall was rejected.

2003                            Evaluated.


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