MARGIDUNUM: Castle Hill: East Bridgford

Car Colston


Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 321885


Polygonal shaped Roman fort, town, town defences on the Fosse Way covering 5 acres, and defended by a wall.

Part of the site lying under the roundabout.

Finds include belt attachment, harness fitting, pendant, arrow head roof tiles, 3rd century coins, box-flu tile and colour coated ware.


50-75                           Occupied.

75-150                         Occupied – Dating from: 22 buildings identified.

150-250                       Occupied.

250-5th C                     Late: Occupied.

1724                            Antiquarian William Stukeley noted he could see foundations in his ‘itinarium Cunosum’.

1910-1936                   Excavated by F. Oswald, T. D. Pryce.

1920’s                         Excavated by F. Oswald.

1966-1968                   Excavated by M. Todd, Ministry of Public Building and Works.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1991                            Excavated by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

1992-1993                   Evaluated by Wessex Archaeology.

1993                            Evaluated by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust.

20th C                          Eastern parts of the defences can still be traced.

2005                            Evaluated by  Wessex Archaeology.

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