Madresfield Court



  • Madresfield, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 8087 4749
  • Grade I Listed Building


Medieval moated house surrounded by a wet moat and built around two courtyards.

Home of the Lygon family.


15th C                          Moated house.

1593                            The manor house was built on the site of the previous house.

1646                            c: Garrisoned for a short time for Charles I.

1646                            Surrendered when Worcester was taken.

1683                            Extensively restored.

19th C                          Remodelled with more than 100 rooms.

1939-1945                   Is the site where the Royal family would have been evacuated to if matters got worse in London.

20th C                          Owned by Lady Rosalind Morrison.



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