Leigh Castle Green: Castle Green: Lege: Castellegh: Castellygh: Castle Leigh

  • Leigh, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 7806 5198
  • Scheduled Monument


Motte and bailey castle with the motte measuring 42.6 -49.2ft in diameter and standing 14.7ft high and the surrounding ditch measuring 3.2 – 6.5ft wide and 3.2ft deep, with a counterscarp bank. A second mound measures 131.2ft in diameter and standing 9.8 – 13.1ft high could have been part of the inner bailey. Had a timber castle.


1272                            Henry de Pembridge died and his son, Henry claimed the lands back by virtue of the Dictum of Kenilworth.

1279                            Henry de Pembridge (jnr) died and his son, Fulk inherited the lands.

13th C                          Possibly Castle Leigh owned by the Leigh family.

1344-1345                   The manor was granted by Thomas de Compton and John de Middleton to Peter de Montfort.

1346                            Mentioned.

1384                            Held by the Abbott and convent of Pershore.

1574                            Lands granted to the Earl of Leicester.

1605                            Lands granted to Edmund Colles.

1964                            Scheduled.

1998                            Scheduling updated.

21st C                           Aerial photograph.


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