Kingshaugh Farm: Old Kingshaugh House: Kingshaugh Camp: Kingeshawe, Kingshage: Kingehag



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 322844

Grade II Listed Building


Medieval fortified house, hunting lodge, moat, chapel, defended by a system of banks and ditches. Earthworks measuring 360 ft in diameter with the moat measuring 9 ft deep which defended the south and east sides, with a bank. The north is defended by a bank and a stream gives a natural defence to the north, north east and north west of the site, and the south is defended by a series of banks and ditches.

Park on site created by Earl John, later King John.


1193-1194                   Fortified and used as a castle.

1194                            Mentioned in the Pipe Rolls.

1210-1211                   Replaced with a new lodge and chapel costing £575 and built by Brian de Insula.

1212                            Work carried out.

1214                            Work carried out. Mentioned as a fortified camp/castle.

1215                            Chapel mentioned.

1217                            After: Lodge abandoned.

1259                            Granted to Simon de Montfort.

17th C                          House built on the site.

18th C                          Alterations.

19th C                          Alterations.

1962                            South west ditch filled in.

1962                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1993                            Watching Brief by John Samuels Archaeological Consultancy.

1999                            Scheduled.


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