Bredhurst Manor

  • Bredhurst, Kent.
  • OSGB – TQ 799 621.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval building and ditch.


1272                 Manor held by Thomas de Bikenore, falconer to Edward I.

*                      Thomas de Bikenore granted tenancy the manor to Henry Nasard, and it included ‘The grant noted that the manor included a house, courtyard, garden, lands, meadows, pastures, woods and enclosures, ditches and the use of a mill.’ (Cockett 2012).

1319                 Henry Nasard bough the manor.

1322                 Possibly: Held by the Northwood family.

1327                 Henry Nasard died.

1379                 John de Northwood died, and the Manor was purchased by John, Duke of Lancaster.

1384                 Manor given to Simon de Burley by Richard II.

1390                 The manor was confiscated after Simon de Burley was accused of High Treason.

1535                 Held by the Crown and tenanted to Sir Christopher Hales.

1551                 Held by Sir Thomas Cheney.

1558                 Sir Thomas Cheney died; his son Henry Cheney succeeded him.

1559                 Henry Cheney gave the manor to Richard Thornhill and Wolstan Dyke Skinner, of London. To be continued through the family of Richard Thornhill.

1569                 The manor house was reported as being in ruins.

1575                 Richard Thornhill died, and his son Samuel Thornhill inherited.

*                      Samuel Thornhill died, and he was succeeded by his second son Sir John Thornhill.

1659                 The manor house was in ruins in the woods.

1660-1685          Between: Sir John Thornhill granted the manor to Sir John Banks.

1699                 Sir John Banks died, and his daughter Elizabeth inherited. She was then married to the Hon. Heneage Finch, son of the Earl of Nottingham.

1719                 Sir Heneage Finch, baron of Guernsey, and earl of Aylesford, died and the manor went to Heneage, Earl of Aylesford.

19th C                Held by the Romilly Family, including the 4th Baron Romilly.

1964                 Excavated.


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