Boldware Gate: Severus Gate: Three Gun Battery.

  • Dover Town Defences, Dover, Kent.
  • OSGB – TR 3201 4126.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval water gate which linked the town to the harbour which included a portcullis. A seaward defence for the town. The water came right up to the gate during high tide.

Also named Severus Gate as it was once believed to have originally been built by Severus.

A Customs House was located in the room above the gate. Merchants met in front of the gate to sell their products.


209                      Believed to have been built by Severus.

1423-1424          Repaired.

1430                    Tower repaired.

15th C                  Late: Holes from conflict repaired.

1520’s                 Last mention of the gate being repaired.

1590’s                  A platform added on the site of the old gate to hold artillery.

1762                    Demolished.

1800                   Remains removed when the site was handed over to the towns people.

20th C                  No remains.


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