Bayford Court: Bayford Mote: Bayford Castle: Bayford Court Farm



  • Sittingbourne, Kent.
  • OSGB – TQ91156400.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number – 420089.


Medieval Castle: Moat: Earthworks.

Possibly dates to the Saxon times of Alfred the Great. Rumoured to have been built to assist in fighting off the Danish attacks.


1052                 Possibly held by Goodwyne, Earl of Kent.

1272-1307          Robert de Nottingham lived at the site. Deeds signed by him state ‘apud castellum Suum de Brayford, apud Goodneston’.

1375                 Held by Robert de Nottingham (2), who died, and his son John Nottingham inherited the lands.

*                        When John Nottingham died, his daughter, Eleanor, inherited the lands. She married Simon Cheney, second son of Sir. Richard Chaney.

1460                 c: Simon Cheney’s grandson, Humphrey Cheney, sold it to Mr. Richard Lovelace of London.

*                        Richard Lovelace’s son, Launcelot, purchased Hever and let his brother, William, have these lands.

1502                 William Lovelace died, and left it jointly to his two sons, John and William Lovelace. John lived at Bayford.

1549                 John Bayford died, and his eldest son, Thomas, inherited.

1568                 Thomas gave the lands to Mr. Ralph Finch.

*                        The son of Mr. Finch sold it to Sir William Garrard.

1571                 Sir William Garrard died and his grandson, Sir John Garrard, inherited.

1621                 Sir John Garrard was created Baronet.

*                        Sir John Garrard’s son, Sir John Garrard, inherited and it was then known as Bayford Court Farm.

1700                 c: House built on the site. Sir John Garrard died, and his daughter, Mary, inherited. Mary married Montague Drake, Esq.

*                       Passed down to William Drake, Esq.

1796                 William Drake, Esq. died.

1963                 Field Investigation.

2004                 The moat remains on three sides.


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