Badsell Manor Farm



  • Paddock Wood, Kent
  • OSGB – TQ65774474
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number – 412392


Medieval Moated Manor House.


1428                 Sir Thomas Culpepper left the Manor to his son, Walter.

*                      Passed to Marion Badsell who married Thomas Stidulf.

1458                 Robert Badsell died, and his daughter Agnes inherited. She married Richard Fane, Esq.

1541                 Richard Fane died, and his son George Fane, Esq. inherited the manor. He married Lady Mary, daughter of Henry Neville, Lord Abergavenny. They moved to Mereworth Castle and the Manor was then used as a farm.

16th C                Rebuilt.

17th C                Rebuilt.

19th C                Late: Remodeled.

1961                 Field Investigation.

1963                 Field Investigation.


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