Admiratly Pier: Turret Battery: Dover Turret: Admiralty Pier Fort.

Plan of Admiralty Pier Fort with the Dover Turret.
By David Alan Moore – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,




  • Dover, Kent.
  • OSGB – TR324399


Once held 2 x 16 inch 81ton Riffled Muzzle Loaders.


1872                 Building commenced at a cost of £150,000. Designed by James Walker, with Edward Druce as the engineer.

1877                 Larger guns were considered for the site.

1882                 New guns were in place.

1883                 Test firing commenced.

1885                 Pier extended.

1886                 21st April: The site was handed over to the Royal Navy after the firing of the new guns had been witnessed and approved.

1902                 Decommissioned as no longer used.

1908-1909          Turret Battery built on top of fort.

20th C                Some remains.




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