The Garden of England!

A beautiful name for Kent and the county I grew up in.

Click on the links below to uncover the great histories of these incredible fortified sites!



Abbots Court

Acol Farm

Admiralty Pier Turret

Adrian Gate, Dover Town Walls

Albermarle Battery No. 1

Albermarle Battery No. 2

Allington Castle

Amery Court

Fort Amherst; Amherst Redoubt

Badsell Manor Farm


Barnham Downs

Bayford Court: Bayford Castle

Battenham Manor

Bigbury Camp: Bigbury Hillfort: Bigbury Wood Hillfort

Biggin Gate, Dover Town Defences.

Bislington Priory

Binbury Castle

Blackfriar’s Gate, Canterbury.

Boldware Gate, Dover Town Defences.

Boley Hill


Bredhurst Manor

Broxham Manor

Buckwell Farmhouse

Burgate, Canterbury City Walls

Butchery Gate, Dover

Canterbury: Cantwareburh: Durovernum Cantiacorum: Cantawara-Byrig: Cantuaria: Dorobernia: Dorovernia: Durou̯ernon.

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury City Walls

Capel Gate

Captain’s Wood

Castle Avenue, Broadstairs

Castle Bank; Kemsing Castle

Castle Field, Worth

Caesar’s Camp

Castle Hill, Breneley

Castle Hill, Tonbridge

Castle Rough


Centre Bastion

Chalk Hill, Pegwell

Cheeseman’s Camp

Chequor Court


Chiddingstone Castle

Chilham Castle

Christ church Priory

Church Road, Kenardington

Citadel Battery

Cliff Fort, Cliffe

Coldbridge Castle

Coldharbour Lane, Bridge

Coldred Court

Cooling Castle

Corbier Hall, Thurnham

Court Lodge: Horton Castle

Court Lodge Farm, Bilsingham

Cox Heath Camp

Crixhall Manor

Crockham Grange Farm

Curtain Battery

Dane John Mound

Darnet fort

Deal Castle

Dent de Lion: Dandelion: Daundelyon: Dandelion: Garlinge

Dover Castle

Dover Hill, Folkestone

Dover Town Defences

Drapers Mill, Margate

Drop Redoubt

Eastbrook Road, Dymchurch

Eastchurch Road, East Church

Eglantine Lane, Farningham

Etchden Farm, Bethersden

Eversley Manor

Eynesford Castle

Farningham Manor

Filston Hall Farmhouse

Fort Borstal

Fort Bridgwoods

Fort Burgoyne

Fort Clarence

Fort Darland

Fort Horsted

Fort Luton

Franks Hall


Furnace Farm

Garrison Point Fort

Glassenbury Hill

Grain Fort

Grand Shaft Barracks

Grange Redoubt

Gravesend Blockhouse

Great Barnett’s, Leigh

Great Bayhall

Great Browns

Groombridge Place

Halden Place

Hall Wood, Fairseat (near)

Hampton Manor House

Hartsdown Road, Margate

Hawe Farm

Hemstead Manor

Hendon Manor

Hever Castle

High Rocks Promontory Fort


High Street, Bridge

Holm Hill

Hoo Fort

Hornish Wood

Hospital of St John of Jerusalem

Hurstwood Road, Otterden No. 1

Hurstwood Road, Ottenden No. 2

Iffin Lane, Stuppington

Ightam Court

Ightam Mote

Indented Line No. 1

Indented Line No. 2

Indernted Line No. 3

Island Road, Hersden

Jacks Court

Judd’s Hill: DUROLEVUM?

King Stephen’s Castle

King’s Gate

Kings North Manor House

Kittington Farm (Near)

Knole Castle

Langdon Abbey: West Langdon Abbey: Langedune.

Leeds Castle

Leeds Priory

Leybourne Castle

Little Moat Cottage

Little Newlands

Little Stock Farm

Little Swan Street Farm

Lord of The Manor


Lovehurst Manor

Lowden Manor

Lullingstone Castle

Lullingstone Lane, Eynesford

Lullingstone Park

Lympne Castle

Main Road, Sutton-at-Hone


Manot House, Benenden

Marlow Car Park, Canterbury

Martello Tower No. 1

Martello Tower No. 2

Martello Tower No. 3

Martello Tower No. 4

Martello Tower No. 5

Martello Tower No. 6

Martello Tower No. 7

Martello Tower No. 8

Martello Tower No. 9

Martello Tower No. 10

Martello Tower No. 11

Martello Tower No. 12

Martello Tower No. 13

Martello Tower No. 14

Martello Tower No. 15

Martello Tower No. 16

Martello Tower No. 17

Martello Tower No. 18

Martello Tower No. 19

Martello Tower No. 20

Martello Tower No. 21

Martello Tower No. 22

Martello Tower No. 23

Martello Tower No. 24

Martello Tower No. 25

Martello Tower No. 26

Martello Tower No. 27

Mary le Bone Hill

Mereworth Castle

Mill Field, Ash

Milton Blockhouse

Minster Abbey

Moatenden Priory

Moat Farm, Sutton Valence

Moat Farm, Shaddoxhurst

Moat Farm, Iwade

Moat Farm, Wrotham

Moat Farm, Ash

Moat Farm, Chipstead

Moat Farmhouse, Crockenhill

Moat Farmhouse, Five Oat Green

Moat House, Ivychurch

Moat House, Rough Common

Moat House, Cowden

Moat Platt, Paddock Wood

Moatlands, Brenchley

Moats Bulwark

Mongeham Road, Great Mongeham

Mott Hall

Moat Road, Headcorn

New Tavern Fort

No. 1 Bastion, Sheerness Lines

No. 2 Bastion, Sheerness Lines

No. 3 Bastion, Sheerness Lines

No. 4 Bastion, Sheerness Lines

Northbourne Court

North Castle Bastion

North Entrance, Western Heights

North Foreland Hill

Oldbury Hill

Old Conghurst

Old Mumford Farm

Old Walmer Court

Olivers Crescent, Farningham

Otford Castle: Otford Bishop’s Palace


Palace Farm, Charing

Palastre Court

Parsonage Farm,Westwell

Parsonage Farm, East Church

Penshurst Palace

Perry Wood

Pickneybush Lane, Newchurch


Poulton Manor

Prawls Farm

Queenborough Castle

Queen Elizabeth’s School Field, Faversham

Reculver Towers

Richborough Fort

Ripple Manor


Rochester Castle

Rochester City Walls

Rochester Road, Aylesford

Roger’s Wood, Fawkham

Romshed Farm

Rycott’s Wood (Near)

Saltwood Castle

Saltwood tunnel

Sandgate Castle

Sandown Castle

Sandwich Town Defences

Sayes Court

Scotney Old Castle

Seasalter Level

Shaddozhurst Road, Woodchurch

Shore Farm

Sheerness Defences

Shornemead Fort

Shrinkling Manor

Shurland Castle

Simpson’s Moat

Singleton Manor

Sissinghurst Castle

Slough Fort

South Entrance: Archcliffe Castle

South front Barracks

Squerries Park Camp

St. Leonard’s Tower

St. Mark’s Road, Tonbridge Wells

St. Martin’s Battery

St. Martin’s Priory

St. Mary Castro Grounds

St. Rudegunds Abbey

Stangrave Manor House

Station Road, Bridge

Stockbury Castle

Stone-by-Faversham: DUROLEVUM

Stone Castle

Stowting Castle

Stutfall Castle

Sutton Valance Castle

Sweyn’s Camp

The Chestnuts

The Citadel

The Grand Shaft

The Grange

The Indented Lines

The Moat: Boys Hall Moat

The Moat, Benenden

The Moat, Penshurst

The Moat, Great Chart

The Old Manor House

The Old Palace

The Ravelin

The Ravelin Battery

The Sheerness Lines

The Street, Brock

Three Barrows Down

Thurnham Castle

Tonbridge Castle

Tonbridge Town Defences

Tonford Manor

Tonge Castle

Tram Hatch

Trenleypark Woods

Twenties Farm

Upnor Castle


Walmer Castle

Wardes Moat

Washendon Manor

Wateringbury Palce

Weatherless Hill

Western Heights

Westhanger Castle

West Lane, Grain (just off)

Whiteway Road, Queenborough

Wilmington Manor

Woodlands Redoubt

Woodnesborough: The Mount

Wyke: The Mote


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