Sawtry Abbey: Sawtrey Abbey

  • Sawtry, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 197 825
  • Scheduled Monument



Medieval Cistercian Abbey. Irregular quadrangular shape measuring 1200ft by 750ft and enclosed by a fosse.

Building on part of the ditch at the south west corner.


1147                              Founded as a Cistercian Abbey by Earl Simon de Senlis, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton.

1157-1164                     Hugh was Abbot of Sawtry.

1164-1176                     Payn was Abbot of Sawtry.

1195                              Alexander was Abbot of Sawtry.

1228                              Before: Ralph was Abbot of Sawtry.

1278                              Adam was Abbot of Sawtry.

1289                              William was Abbot of Sawtry.

1299                              Laurence was Abbot of Sawtry.

1303                              John was Abbot of Sawtry.

1314                              John was Abbot of Sawtry.

1320-1338                     Roger of Hertford was Abbot of Sawtry.

1340-1348                     Ralph Beville was Abbot of Sawtry.

1351                              William was Abbot of Sawtry.

1391                              Thomas de Spalding was Abbot of Sawtry.

1409-1413                     Robert de Spalding was Abbot of Sawtry.

1444                              John Fulborne was Abbot of Sawtry.

1452                              John Alconbury was Abbot of Sawtry.

1524                              Henry was Abbot of Sawtry.

1527                              Henry was Abbot of Sawtry.

1529                              Richard was Abbot of Sawtry.

1531-1533                     Robert was Abbot of Sawtry.

1534                              William Angell was Abbot of Sawtry.

1536                              Catherine of Aragon’s body rested at the site overnight on its way to Peterborough Cathedral. Suppressed with the smaller monasteries.

1536                              December: Dissolved.

19th C                            In ruins. Building materials still being taken from the site.

1907-1913                     Excavated.

1970                              Field Investigation.

1987                              Scheduled.

1995                              Scheduled.


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