Manor of Moyne: Manor of Moygne

  • Raveley Road, Great Raveley, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 2464 8181
  • Scheduled Monument



Medieval moat measuring 16.4ft wide and approximately 9.8ft deep.

Held by the Peyton family through marriage.


11th C                            Held by Edwin.

12th C                            Given to Hervey le Moine by Abbot Rainald of Ramsey.

1453                              The Abbey bought the Manor back by Abbot of Ramsey, John Stowe, Ramsey Abbey.

15th C                            Until: Held by the Moine family, then passed through marriage to the Hores of Childerley.

1541                              c: Acquired by Sir Richard Cromwell.

1542                              Sir Richard Cromwell granted it to the Sewster’s of Ashwell.

1771                              Held by Henry Dashwood.

1970                              Field Investigation.


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