Kimbolton Castle: Kinnibantum

  • Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 1008 6761
  • Grade I Listed Building.



Medieval moated fortified house, motte and bailey castle.

Originally built by the de Bohun family.  Moats filled in.

12th C                            Castle.

1201                              Before: Geoffrey Fitz Piers possibly built the first castle.

1201                              Visited by King John.

1213                              Visited by King John.

1213-1217                     Between: William Fitz Piers fortified the castle.

1217                              Documented.

1221                              Attacked unsuccessfully by the Earl of Albermarle.

1236                              Constable on site.

1243                              Constable on site.

1279                              Described as a ‘fortalace’.

1322                              Before: Held by Humphrey de Bohun.

1322                              c: Held and garrisoned by the Crown.

1326                              Visited by Edward II when visiting his nephew, John, Earl of Hereford.

1334                              Visited by Edward III.

1463                              Lead roof repaired.

1480                              Before: Anne, Duchess of Buckingham, possibly rebuilt the inner court.

1520’s                           Owned by the Wingfield family.

1521                              Described as having a moat.

1522                              Henry VIII gave it to Sir Richard Wingfield.

1523                              Henry VIII allowed Sir Richard Wingfield to take material from Higham Ferrers Castle for repairs.

1536                              January: Catherine of Aragon died at the castle after being there for 4 years as a prisoner.

1540-1546                     Itinerary of John Leland: Normal use.

16th C                            Rebuilt as a Tudor mansion.

1615                              Bought by Sir Henry Montagu.

1642                              Inventories taken.

1687                              Inventories taken.

1690-1695                     Restored.

1690-1720                     Charles Edward Montagu, 4th Earl of Manchester, reconstructed it.

17th C                            Gatehouse.

1707-1710                     Remodelled by Vanbrugh. New doors and windows added. The old south wing fell down and it was rebuilt. The Queen’s rooms were modernised and a main staircase was constructed.

1766                              Gatehouse built by Robert Adam.

1939-1945                     World War II: Used by the Royal Army Medical Corps.

1950                              Kimbolton School bought it from the 10th Duke of Manchester.

1977                              Field Investigation.



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