Earith Bulwark: The Bulwark

  • Nr Ely, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 3930 7500
  • Scheduled Monument



*                                    Civil War bastion, sconce, square moated enclosure with diagonal bastions at corners covering an area of 200ft square and the moat measuring 55.7ft wide and 8-9ft deep, with the outer bank measuring 20ft wide and standing 8-9ft above the bottom of the moat.

*                                    Ploughed down.

1643                              c: Possibly held by Tyrrell Jocelyn.

1760                              Plan of the earthwork.

1908                              Excavated.

1941                              c: World War II: Gun emplacement on the north west of the site.

1971                              Field Investigation.

1995                              Scheduled.

20th C                            Moat dry.



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