Conington Castle: Manor House: Cunyngton

  • Conington, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 1796 8583
  • Monument Number 363872
  • Grade II Listed Building.


*                                    Fortified manor house.

*                                    Rebuilt a number of times.

957                                Lands granted to Wulfstan by King Eadwig.

1039                              c: Passed to Turchill the Dane.

1042                              c: King Edward gave the lands to Earl Waltheof, Lord of Conington.

1075                              Earl Waltheof, Lord of Conington, died and Countess Judith held the lands.

1109                              Inherited by Maud, Judith’s daughter, and it passed to her husband, David, son of Malcolm III, King of Scotland.

1124-1153                     Held by David I, King of Scotland.

1165                              William The Lion, King of Scotland, held the lands.

1185                              William The Lion, King of Scotland, transferred the lands to his brother, David.

1219                              John le Scot, David’s son, inherited the lands.

1237                              John le Scot died and his sister Isabel inherited the lands.

1346                              Isabel’s son, John, died and his daughters inherited the lands.

1353                              c: The lands went to Agnes, who had married Hugh de Wesenham.

1477                              The last male family member of the de Wesenham family died  and the lands went to the children of the sisters. One daughter had married William Coton.

16th C                            South wing.

1612                              c: Owned by Sir Robert Coton who rebuilt it with material from Fotheringhay Castle.

17th C                            East wing.

1752                              Remained in the hands of the Coton family.

18th C                            In ruins.

1800                              Restored.

1830                              Engraving by E. Byrne.

1840                              Restored.

1953                              Demolished.



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