Castle Hill: Wood Walton Castle

  • Wood Walton, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 2105 8276
  • Scheduled Monument


*                                    Medieval motte and bailey castle defended by a ditch measuring 32.8ft wide and 6.5ft deep and 164ft in diameter, with the bailey ditch measuring 16-32ft wide and 2.6ft deep.

*                                    Part of the mound has been quarried.

1086-1134                     Possibly built by the de Bolbec family or the Abbey of Ramsey.

1134                              Walter de Bolbec granted the manor to the Abbey of Ramsey.

1144                              Possibly built by Geoffrey de Mandeville’s son, Ernald.

1971                              Field Investigation.

1997                              Scheduled.


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