Biggin House: The Biggin

Biggin House Location


  • Ramsey Heights, Huntingdonshire
  • OSGB – TL 2741 8468
  • Monument Number 366943


Medieval Benedictine Grange, Leper hospital, post-medieval moat and ditch. Encloses an area measuring 91 x 54.8 m. West side of the moat partly filled in.

1352                            Before: Grange supplying Ramsey Abbey with butter, milk, cheese, bacon, fruit and vegetables.

1439                            Visited by Bishop Alnwick.

1538-1541                   Dissolution: Granted to Sir Richard Cromwell.

*                                   Lived in by Sir Philip Cromwell.

16 C                            c: House. Outbuildings built.

1757                            House demolished. The out-buildings, called The Maltings, remained.

1833                            18 poor women lived in the grange out buildings.

1939-1945                   WWII: Demolished to make way for a runway for Upwood Airfield.

1970                            Field investigation.

1996-1997                   Aerial photograph.


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