Holt Castle



  • Holt, Worcestershire
  • OSGB – SO 8306 6256
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Fortified house.

Tower possibly built by John Beauchamp, Lord Beauchamp of Kidderminster.


1282                            Built by John, Lord Beauchamp of Kidderminster and financed by the Crown.

1388                            John, Lord Beauchamp of Kidderminster was executed by Richard II.

14th C                          Tower.

15th C                          A Hall was built behind the castle.

1570                            After: Sir Henry Bromley owned the castle.

16th C                          Altered.

1601                            Sir Henry Bromley was involved in the Essex Rebellion and his lands were confiscated.

1603                            Lands returned to Sir Henry Bromley by James I.

1606                            Henry Bromley, Magistrate, tracked down and found Henry Garnet and Oldcastle, who were wanted over the Gunpowder Plot. They were held for a short time at the castle.

1647                            The castle surrendered to Parliament.

1675-1683                   Demolished to supply building materials for other buildings.

1750                            Residence for Holt Castle Farm when purchased by Lord Foley of Whitley Court.

18th C                          Early: Remodeled.

19th C                          Alterations and additions carried out.

1904                            Private.

1920                            For sale.

1925                            Finally sold in two lots.

1980’s                         Converted into an hotel.

20th C                          Part of the fifteenth century enclosing wall survives.

2001                            February: Applications had been made for the extension of the buildings.

2005                            Owned by the Worrallo family.

2006                            Aerial photograph.



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