Wilbury Hill

  • Letchworth, Hertfordshire.


Prehistoric – Iron Age univallate hill fort defended by a single bank and ditch with the entrance to the eastern side. Two phases of construction.


700 BC                        c: First construction phase.

400 BC                        c: Second construction phase when banks were heightened and the ditches were added.

19th C                          Ditches filled in. Roman coins found at the northern part of the western enclosure.

1929                            Excavated. Finds included storage pits, hearths and hut evidence.

1933                            Excavated.

1959                            Excavated on the western side. Finds included Iron Age pottery, a spindle whorl and some human remains.

1970’s                         Allotment gardens established over part of the eastern side.

1972                            Excavated. Southern ditch finds included Iron Age pottery.



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