Periwinkle Hill, Barkway Castle

  • Barkway, Hertfordshire.


Medieval motte and bailey castle.

Following is the timeline for the Manor of Barkway from 1066 until c1272. It is generally accepted that the Manor belonged to Geoffrey de Mandeville, who then granted the lands to Eudo Dapifer (Chauncy 1826, p 197) and from then they followed a list of well known identities.


1066                             After: Given by William I to Geoffrey de Mandeville (1)

1086                            Domesday entries for Barkway. See above.

*                                    Geoffrey de Mandeville granted the lands to Eudo Dapifer.

*                                    Eudo Dapifer granted the manors of Berkway and Nusells to the Rochester/Rovecester family (de Mere)

1164-1179                   During: A licence was granted by Walter, Abbot of St. John Baptist, olchester, to the poor brothers of Rose’s Cross to build a chapel and consecrate a cemetery in the parish of Barkway.

1199-1216                   Held Robert de Rovecester in tenancy.

*                                     Robert de Rovecester’s daughter, and heiress Alice, married Robert d’Escalers, and they had a son called Robert.

1216-1272                   During: Barkway had 1292 inhabitants.

1258                            C: Robert d’Escalers and his mother, Alice, paid Henry III seventeen gold marks for the livery of the manors of Nusells and Ruewehale

1270                            Weekly market granted to Robert d’Escalers (2), son of Robert d’Escalers (1), by Henry III, to be held in Berkway on a Tuesday.

*                                  Robert Burnell held the manors of Nusells and Berkway in trust for Robert d’Escalers (2) son, Robert d’Escalers (3) who was a minor.



The lands of the Manor of Barkway were transferred as follows

Geoffrey de Mandeville

⇒  Eudo Dapifer (The Steward)

⇒  Lands granted by the King to Eustace, Count of Boulogne

⇒  Rochester or Rovecester family in tenancy

⇒  D’Escallers or Scales family in tenancy.


Location of Periwinkle site


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