Kingsbury Castle: Castrum de Kyngsbury


Kingsbury Castle Site


  • St Albans, Hertfordshire


Roman finds. Part of a Roman cemetery.

 A  Saxon burgh covered an area of 27½ acres and its entrance was situated to the south west and had inturns, with Tonman Ditch to its west. 


1152                            Earthworks date from. Medieval castle, earthworks. Original entrance situated at Lower Dagnell Street. Adulterine castle demolished by King Stephen.

1381                            Recorded as Castrum de Kyngsbury.

1643                            Reported to have been a Roman brickyard situated on the north side of the castle site.

1643                            Clay pits existed on the site.

1826                            Part of the western defences were demolished to make way for a road.

1976                            Excavated.



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