Benington Castle: Bennington: Benyngton: The Lordship

  • Stevenage, Hertfordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade I Listed Building.


Medieval motte and bailey castle. The bailey to the east was surrounded by a curtain wall.

100 Picts were sent to ‘tear down the walls’.

A house was built within the earthworks.


655                             Before: Part of the lands seized by Pedda

770                              King Offa of Mercia was born on the site of the original castle.

c.851                              Bertulph, King of Mercia, had his palace on the site.

1067-1099                   c: Motte constructed.

1136                            Built by Roger de Valoignes with a timber tower.

1174                            c: Walls pulled down and motte quarried or levelled.

1177                            Henry II ordered it to be demolished but the orders may not have been carried out.

1184                            Robert died and it passed to his daughter, Gunnara.

1192                            In use.

1193                            Justicar William Longchamps garrisoned the castle against Prince John for 50 days.

12 C                            Stone tower built. The motte was surrounded by a dry moat. The keep measured 44 ft by 41 ft externally with flint and ashlar walls of 7-8 ft thick.

1212-1213                   Robert FitzWalker was banished and the castle fell into ruin.

1832                            Folly designed and built by George Proctor on the site in the shape and design of a twin towered gatehouse using original materials from the castle.

1971                            Field Investigation.

1990                            Field Investigation.

20 C                            Gardens open to the public.

2002                            Evaluated.


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