Arbury Banks

Arbury Banks


  • Ashwell, Hertfordshire.
  • OSGB – TL 262 387


Oval late Bronze Age – Iron Age hill fort covering approximately 12½ acres, following the hill contours and defended by a bank, ditch and counterscarp. V-shaped ditch measuring 8.8 m wide and 4.5 m deep. Bank is of the glacis type, low but high on the west side. Possible entrances to the east and west. Ditch and part of counterscarp still visible.

Possible circular building inside of the fort. Finds include Saxon pottery and animal bones. Medieval ridge and furrow earthworks.

Ploughed over.


3-1C BC                      Occupied. Pottery finds date from.

1200-700 BC              Late Bronze Age: Believed to have been built

18 C                            Skulls were dug out of the bank when it was levelled. Most of the eastern bank was destroyed.

1856                            Excavated: Roman coins and Iron Age pottery found on the site.

19 C                            Excavated: Reported to being a defended Iron Age settlement.

1954                            Aerial photograph showed post holes and pits.

1958                            Excavated.



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