Trippenkennet Bridge Motte: Snapps Castle: Walling Stones: Tre-essey: Waldyston: Waldyngston

Trippenkennet Bridge Motte


  • Llangarren, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 5030 2218.


Medieval mound, moat and house. Possible timber buildings, garderobe, tower and Hall. Measured 38m in diameter. Nothing remains.

Finds from the site include iron work, 13th century shield boss, and some pottery.


1250                            Before: Occupied.

1250-1300                   Mound and house constructed.

1300-1325                   Abandoned.

15-16 C                       Curtain wall and moat added.

1500                            c After: Abandoned.

1959-1963                   Excavated.

1968                            c: Site levelled.

20 C                            Nothing remains.


Trippenkennet Bridge Motte Looking NW across the site.



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