Sutton Walls

View Toward Sutton Walls Hill Fort.
By Whatlep, CC BY-SA 2.0,


  • Sutton St Michael, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 52520 46404.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Elongated oval shaped Iron Age hill fort, possible Roman fort, defended by a single bank and ditch with the entrances at the east and west sides.

Is believed to be where King Offa held court and the young King Aethelburt of East Anglia came to ask for Offa’s daughter, Ethelreda’s, hand in marriage. The young East Anglican King was killed and Offa took his lands.


4 -3 C  BC                   Rampart constructed, huts built.

100 BC                        V-shaped ditch and internal bank constructed.

25                                The defences were improved and huts built.

48                                Dating from: Skeletons found in the ditch, of which some had been decapitated and others had wounds.

3 C                               Mid: Occupied until.

757-796                       Associated with King Offa of Mercia.

16 C                            Possible remains of a castle visible.

1948-1951                   Excavated.

1960’s                         Ditches filled with toxic waste.

1973                            Excavated.

1999                            Excavated by Time Team.

2000-2002                   Excavated.

2002                            Aerial photography.


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