Richard’s Castle: Castella Avreton: Avreton: Averetone: Overton

Richard’s Castle ditch around motte.
By Raymond Perry, CC BY-SA 2.0,


  • Nr Ludlow, Herefordshire.


Medieval motte and bailey castle defended by a strong counterscarp bank, outer bank and ditch. The bailey was kidney shaped and surrounded by a curtain wall and ditch. Had a keep, walls and towers. Mound held an octagonal keep of sandstone and ashlar with a comfered string course, to which the curtain wall was abutted.

Held by John Vaux.


1051-1052                   c: Built by Osbern, son of Richard Fitz Scrob.

1056                            c: Simon le Scrope was born at the castle.

1080                            Walter le Scrope was born at the castle.

1086                            Domesday: Wooden castle held by Osbern Fitz Richard and called Castella Avreton.

1102                            Walter le Scrope married at the castle.

1103                            Hugh le Scrope was born at the castle (?).

1152                            Hugh de Say was Lord of Richard’s Castle

1186                            Osbern Fitz Hugh died and Hugh Say inherited.

1190                            Hugh de Say died and his son, Hugh inherited.

1197                            Hugh de Say had died and Margaret married Hugh Ferrers

12 C                            Octagonal tower measuring 50ft in diameter with the walls 2ft thick

1200                            c: Held by the Mortimer family.

1204                            Hugh de Ferrers died and Margaret had her lands taken by King John, they were then held by Earl Thomas Galway of Athol.

1207                            Earl Thomas Galway of Athol handed the lands back to the Crown.

1211                            June: Margaret Say married Robert Mortimer of Essex and held the castle.

1216                            A licence for a weekly market was granted by King John.

1219                            Robert Mortimer died.

1219                            November: Margaret married William Stutville.

1259                            William Stutville died.

1259                            20th May: Margaret’s son, Sir Hugh Mortimer, aged 40, inherited the castle.

1264                            Simon de Montfort forced Sir Hugh de Mortimer to surrender his lands and castle, he then gave them gave the castle and lands to John Fitz John.

1265                            4th August: John Fitz John was captured at the Battle of Evesham.

1265                            August: Hugh de Mortimer regained the castle.

1272                            Hugh Mortimer became Sheriff of Hereford.

1275                            Hugh Mortimer died and his son, Robert inherited the castle.

1287                            Robert Mortimer died and his son, Hugh Mortimer, inherited the castle.

1285                            c: Richard Talbot was born at the castle.

13 C                            The curtain wall was refurbished with towers added on the north western side.

13 C                            Late: Began to loose its importance.

1301                            Held by Hugh de Mortimer.

1304                            Hugh de Mortimer died and two co-heiresses inherited the castle. One of them was Joan Mortimer, married to Sir Richard Talbot.

1317                            John Talbot was born at the castle.

1337/1341                   John Talbot was born at the castle.

1364                            Hugh de Mortimer died. Owned by the Talbot family.

1369                            Elizabeth Talbot was born at the castle.

1376                            Sir Richard Talbot died.

1380                            The Talbot family no longer held the castle.

1537                            Owned by the Crown.

1538                            Itinerary of John Leland: Ruins.

1545-1546                   Henry VIII granted it to the Earl of Warwick, grandfather of Lady Jane Grey.

1548                            12th October: The Earl of Warwick leased the castle to William Heath, relative of Nicholas Heath, Bishop of Worcester.

*                                  William Heath held it for a short time then it passed to Richard Cornewall and then to John Bradshaw.

1558                            Leased to Richard Bradshaw who married Mary, daughter of Arthur Salwey.

1610                            Shown on John Speed’s map as a park.

1841                            Only earthworks and fishponds recorded on a tithe map.

1962-1964                   Excavated.

1962-1964                   Excavated.

20 C                            Hard to find as completely overgrown.

2000                            Field Investigation.


Richard’s Castle.


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