Penyard Castle: Peniard

  • Penyard, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade II Listed Building.



Medieval castle. Possibly had a rectangular tower and a courtyard.

Stone from the castle was used to build the rectory.

Owned by the Talbot family, Earls of Shrewsbury. Owned by de Grey, Duke of Kent.

Legend states a cave under the castle is full of gems and guarded by a bird.


12 C                            Possibly: Held by the Talbot family.

13 C                            Possibly built.

1324                            Before: May have been built as a hunting lodge by Aymer de Valence.

14-17 C                       House.

15 C                            Owned by Sir Lewis Talbot.

16 C                            A mint was on the site.

1638                            Before: George Bonnor may have been the last Governor of the castle.

1740                            Sold.

1876                            Owned by the Rev. Henry Usborne, BA of Bitterne

1979                            Field Investigation.

1986                            Farmhouse in ruins.

1993                            Field Investigation.

1994                            Surveyed.

1998                            Management plan.

20 C                            Very overgrown.



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