Newton Tump

  • Clifford, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte and bailey castle. The motte, situated at the east of the D-shaped bailey,  measures 28 m -32 m in diameter and stands 5 m high, the bailey entrance is to the south and is causewayed. The ditch measuring 10 m wide and varied from 1 m – 2 m deep. The wet moat was fed from the Bach Brook. There was a possible tower in the south east corner of the bailey. There may have been a bridge over the moat.

Held by the Clifford family.


1086                            Held by Ralph de Todini/Tosney.

13 C                            Polygonal enclosure with five round towers made of sandstone rubble.

1900                            Masonry on the site.

1990                            1st April: Visited by Woolhope Club.

20 C                            Buried foundations uncovered on the motte, of the polygonal keep.

2002                            Geophysical survey.


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