Newcourt Tump: Newcourt Farm

  • Bacton, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte and bailey castle. Motte measuring 5.5 m by 3.4 m and standing 2.4 m high with what appears to be a rampart around the top. Defended by a double scarp, with a berm between, on the north east and the south east. Irregular fortified enclosure protected by a natural scarp on two sides. The western side has a rampart and ditch with the bank measuring 10 m high. There are still remains of a rectangular structure. Traces of buried masonry. May have had wet defences.

A 3 m high cross ditch is at the western edge. Had a stone tower keep with an apsidal staircase or garderobe tower, and a hall and gate to the enclosure.


1086                            A descendant of Gilbert de Bacton may have built the castle

14 C                            No longer used.

1989                            Field Investigation.



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