Moccas Castle: Mockers

  • Moccas, Herefordshire.


Medieval motte and bailey castle. Had two baileys and was defended by a ditch between the motte and bailey. The summit of the remaining knoll measures 2.4 m by 3.5 m

Finds include a Neolithic axe.

Ploughed out.


1293                            15th June: Licence to crenellate granted, with the exclusion of towers.

1294                            Licence to crenellate granted to Hugh de Frene. He did not follow the conditions of the licence and was summonsed by Edward I. The Sheriff of Hereford seized the castle, and after paying a fine the land was returned to de Frene.

1337                            A later Hugh de Frene married Lady Alice de Lacy and became the Earl of Lincoln.

1375                            Richard de Frene died and it passed to Alice, his niece, who married Roger Cricketot.

*                                  Passed to the Vaughan family.

1635                            Henry Vaughan of Moccas married Frances Pye, daughter of Sir Walter Pye.

1635                            After: When Henry Vaughan died Frances married Henry Cornewall of Benington.

1971                            Field Investigation.

20 C                            Foundations can be traced.



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