Midsummer Hill: Midsummer Hill Camp: Hollybush Hill

Midsummer Hill


  • Eastnor, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 76082 37452
  • Scheduled Monument.


Iron Age multivallate hill fort defended by a single glacis rampart with dry stone facing, ditch and small counterscarp bank. Entrance to the south west. Originally had two banks with a ditch between them.

South gateway rebuilt at least seventeen times. A bridge was added. Defences have been damaged through quarrying.

Hut measurements are 11.8 m by 14.6 m and 11 m by 11.8 m, rectangular and in a regular grid pattern 4.5 m apart. The huts are believed to have been rebuilt four to six times. Population could have been 3000. A 45.5 m long barrow with side ditches is on the site.

Occupied for approximately 400 years. Possible Romano-British activity on the site.

Finds date from the Neolithic and prehistoric periods.


4000-2000 BC            Mound dates to.

1520-1250 BC            Three circular mounds dating from.

400 BC                        Possibly constructed.

390 BC                        c: Timber guardroom added.

350 BC                        Twin portals added.

325 BC                        c: Store guardroom built.

48                                Huts may have been destroyed by fire when the site was attacked by the Romans under Ostorius Scapula

1875                            Reported that eleven terraces could be traced and over two hundred hut circles.

1924                            Long Barrow excavated.

1965-1970                   Excavated.

1970                            Excavated

20 C                            Late: Thirty six remaining hut sites are viewed  as round hollows.



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